ImageThe last time I posted this view from my window, about 4 weeks ago, everything was white. We were in the midst of a late winter storm. But as you can see, we are now very green. It is amazing what a little bit of warm weather can do to encourage the plants into life.

ImageI saw some of these little flowers on my bike ride on Tuesday along the GAP trail and I thought I really ought to stop and take a picture but I was running short of time. So I have taken this from the GAP facebook page. They are called hepatica. When I saw them they were so thick on the ground it looked almost as though there was a frost. Very pretty.

All credit to the FBI for identifying, if not in name, at least the pictures of the murderers who planted the bombs in Boston MA. I sincerely hope that the people who are now sheltering them come to their senses and hand them over.

There was a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in West TX. Saw a photograph of that too, and the town is just flattened. So sad. Again, the people on the front line, the first responders, are missing and you have to assume, presumed dead.

China’s local governments are going bankrupt. Ricin sent to Obama and another politician. A disgruntled ex-employee, a justice of the peace!, has been arrested for murdering the North Texas District Attorney and his wife. I don’t really think stricter gun control laws would have prevented that one. Got to find some good news.

Just remembered what I was going to mention. Bekah’s music video was released today. It is pretty awesome.

And when the National Anthem was sung last night at the Boston/New York hockey game and the crowd joined in, I can only begin to imagine how moving it must have been to be there. The clip shown on the news was so full of emotion.

Weather going downhill for the weekend. Oh bugger.      Joanna