ImageThe Point State Park fountain is squirting again, after what seems like an eternity. All that is needed now is the whole park to be finished. Maybe in time for the finish of this year’s Great Race. But any progress is good.

The reporting today by the cable news networks sucked. According to “legit sources”, someone had been caught, arrested, charged, tried, found guilty and sentenced for the Boston bombings. Not only that, they were dissecting video stream and photos which might well have been used as evidence later when the perpetrator is finally caught. I would imagine any defense lawyer will have a field day. I wish the ‘news’ people would be more responsible.

I went for a long run, well 12 miles. Was good. Felt quite strong at the end of it. Had a good stretch session afterwards too. See, I am learning. Can teach old dogs new tricks. My “Oh oh” moment today – I ran a slightly different route today just for a change. During my run I could hear helicopters buzzing around overhead and it did make me wonder what was going on. When I got home and read the latest headlines, there was one that reported a suspicious package was found to be non-explosive. Phew. However what really made me go “Oh oh” was the fact that it had been located right on a corner I normally include in my run route.

Not sure if it was my imagination today but as and when I had to stop at junctions, car/truck drivers were a lot more courteous today. It was rather touching really.

The gun control vote failed to pass the Senate today. I was listening to NPR on the way home from our TRX session (I know, old fart) and there was a discussion about online gun sales. Some of the examples of how the lack of background checks for online sales, private sales, were quite horrifying. Baroness Margaret Thatcher was buried today.

Happy news: Boston marathon volunteers helping runners retrieve their race baggage, as well as distributing finisher medals. Not sure what the ruling is, but I would like to think that if participants turns up, whether having crossed the finish line or not, they would get their finisher medals.

Image  There is a huge amount of good out there ; far outweighs the bad. We just have to make sure the scales stay tipped that way.         Joanna