All the little trials and tribulations of my day seem really inconsequential in light of the continuing suffering of those affected by yesterday’s bombings in Boston. However, these things did happen to me.

Went for a long bike ride today. Cycled down the GAP trail past Sandcastle and out passed Boston PA. Managed just over 58 miles (there and back). Did fall off my bike once. Not too bad given my past records. No damage done, just bruised knee and hip. On this route, I have to cross one, only one, active railway crossing. Going out, no problem. On my way back, though, I knew what was going happen because there was a train crossing a bridge so slowly on the way towards the crossing. Sure enough, by the time I got there, the train had stopped. Right across the crossing. Couldn’t see either end of the train. Oh bugger, now what. Didn’t know if there was another way across the tracks, let alone whether I could link up with the trail again. So I went to explore McKeesport. Fortunately there is a very steep up and down bridge about half a mile further along which leads into the industrial park that borders the trail. Had to ride across a bit of a dirt field to link up, but got there. Phew!

Just finished our pilates/stretching session. Feeling 2″ taller. Storms are rolling through again. Flash flood warnings are in force. TRX tomorrow.  Wore my Boston Marathon shirt today in honor of all in Boston MA.          Joanna

Learned yesterday when getting ready to swim, don’t spit in your goggles just after eating nuts.