Image Delivered Anna back to Pittsburgh Airport a couple of hours ago. Such a short visit but it was wonderful. Enjoyed and treasure every second of it. Went to North Park this morning to run around the lake. What a beautiful day. It was so busy at the park. I think, maybe because it was a decent morning and it is the last long run weekend before the Pittsburgh marathon.

Remember that Carnival cruise ship that had to be towed to Mobile AL because all systems failed after a fire in the engine room? Well, the question has been raised as to whether Carnival should reimburse the Coastguard for the rescue. The company says it isn’t going to pay a dime because the law states something to the effect that all mariners must come to the aid of distressed mariners. So my question is (being totally ignorant of the law), I thought that if a vessel was rescued/towed, doesn’t the rescuer have salvage rights? If this is the case, wouldn’t the Coastguard have salvage rights on the cruise ship? Though with all the problems it has had, it might be more trouble that it is worth to the Coastguard.

Don’t forget it’s tax day tomorrow. Despite that, Happy Monday. Warming up again.

Am watching Despicable Me. So funny. Can’t wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out in the summer.     Joanna