ImageToday’s post was going to be a series of pictures but seeing as it has taken 5 minutes to load this one, that is not going to happen. As you can see, we are launched. And as I say, she floats. Didn’t have to tighten any of the through hull fittings, the engines started first time, we didn’t get stuck in the mud on the way to our dock though we did churn up a fair bit of bottom. It poured with rain, as in sheets of it, on the drive up but fortunately it had stopped by the time I got to the boatyard. I let the guys know I was here and boom, in the boat went. It was rather windy and the water level dropped about 18 inches as did the air temperature, as in 18F so it got, and still is very cold. The water temperature is 44F so the hull is cold. Have the electric underblanket on my bunk and it is warm so that is where I am going now. To snuggle down with my teddy. Have to get up early tomorrow to drive back to Pittsburgh via the airport to collect Anna. Had lots more to say today but it can wait. Relax people – it’s the weekend.    Joanna