ImageAnna is coming into town for the weekend. Actually, just about 30 hours. You ought to see it when both Anna and David come into town. I take out shares in all fruit companies ahead of that event. Would that be classed as insider trading? Fortunately we didn’t suffer any damage from last night’s round of storms; more are forecasted for this evening/night. I hope you were OK.

It was another great day today for being outside. I biked to the pool, swam and then biked back. Am getting my confidence back slowly after my fall at the end of last season. I have to bike up a rather steep hill (next to the zoo) to get to the pool which was hard work considering I haven’t done ANY hill work of any kind for about 4 months. The bit for which I was really nervous was the return journey, ie coming back down the hill. Fortunately the road surface had dried out so it wasn’t slick. The grass has really greened up and tree buds are poking through like nobody’s business.

This is very sad and unfortunate but a beaver is a wild animal and like most wild animals, when feeling threatened, it will attack.

And Carnival cruise ships make headlines again. Fascination failed a health inspection. Yuck!