ImageNo, I didn’t take this picture, but it looks very much as it does out of my windows at the moment. Storms are rolling through and have been for about 3 hours now. Quite spectacular. As they first started, there was a rather ominous rumble – not thunder – wind. Not heard that sound before. It was actually a beautiful day again. Ran outside in shorts and sleeveless shirt. And even though it was a little hazy for most of the time, I think I got a little colour. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly cooler and then the fridge turns back on for Friday and Saturday. However, at least we don’t have 20inches of snow.

Got a quote for our boat curtains today. It would be cheaper for me to buy an industrial sewing machine and make our own. And  now that I have all the measurements, making them wouldn’t be too big a deal. Tiles are halfway up the wall of the shower. The accent tiles are in too. Looking good. Too late to look at the news.

Stay dry.        Joanna