ImageImageImageGot fairly up close and personal with two rabbits, a goose and a snake today while out biking. Fortunately, no children. Think I might have just squeezed the snake’s tail but it wiggled away so I guess it was OK. Thought for the day – I just happened to notice how when attorneys advertise, it says “Attorney at law”. At what else might they be an attorney? A farm? A dog? I thought attorneys were by definition, attorneys at law.

The government trying to make it more difficult to own certain types of guns, in part, because of the shooting in CT before Christmas. Today a student at a Texas college went on a rampage stabbing other students. I sincerely hope that the injured students recovery quickly. What will the government do now? Ban all knives, etc? Cheery thought.

A couple of more days of warm weather and then it takes a turn for the worst again. Going to be cold on Friday for boat launch. Spring weather in the midwest. Relish the sun.   Joanna