ImageThe boat is as ready as it can be for launch on Friday. Fenders in place, ropes ready and coiled, mast is down so the boat can get out of the shed. All we need now is some decent weather. Paul just read the forecast for Friday – at 5pm SW12kts. I asked about 10 o’clock in the morning? 20-25kts from the SW. Oh bugger. Still, so long as it stays in the SW the boat should be OK on the cradle. Just hope the wind doesn’t blow away the water. On the way home today, couldn’t help noticing a sort of ‘green mist’ in amongst the trees. Spring is persevering and will come out on top of winter – sooner rather than later I hope. Also on the way home, a car came zooming past us just before a point where we have before, seen a police car hiding behind a bridge. When we eventually came around the bend in the road and under the bridge, sure enough there on the hard shoulder was the speeding car, well he wasn’t speeding any more, and flashing blue lights and car behind him. He should have looked at the clues presented in the previous few miles – one other car pulled over on our side and another on the opposite side. Oh well, sucks for him.


Had a look at the courses’ profiles for the half ironman David and I are going to do. I texted David this morning commenting on the ups and downs. He texted me later in the day saying that he had just run 8.5 miles of the run course. His comment, “It’s very hilly!”. Oh bugger, again. It’s a good job I live in Pittsburgh so I have hills on which to train. Unfortunately I have to take it very gently still so no hill repeats; gentle inclines will have to do for now. Have just watched the Wichita St vs Louisville basketball game – wow, what a nail biter. The action never stopped. The Michigan vs Syracuse game is due to start in 15 minutes. Forecast looks reasonable for tomorrow so might well take the small boat out on the river. Go MichaCruse.   Joanna