ImageYes, I admit it. I had a serious blonde moment today. I am quite anal about locking my padlock key in my gym locker. I have done it several times before. I know what you will say – get a combination lock. But then I have to remember the combination and after a really hard workout with an oxygen- and sugar-starved brain, remembering the combination probably wouldn’t happen. That aside, I have (had) a padlock and key. I have the key on a hair elastic which I religiously put around my water bottle, check twice and only then close up the padlock. Today, for some unknown reason, I did the check thing but then I put my water bottle in my locker and clicked shut the padlock. Instantly I knew something was wrong; took me a couple of nanoseconds to figure it out and then DUH! OMG, how stupid. Had to find the bolt cutters and get it cut off. I needed my water bottle for my workout. As a replacement, I have bought a padlock with two keys. Gonna leave the extra key in my car. I’m getting smarter with age! Not. This afternoon it was so nice outside; so pleasant to be able to go without a coat and not freeze. Supposed to be even warmer over the weekend. Going to the boat tomorrow to put the final touches on before launch next Friday. So excited except, looking back through my boat logs for the last 3 years, the weather has always turned nasty cold and windy once the boat goes in the water. You never know, things might be different this year. Apparently there aren’t so many potholes in the roads this year (complaints are down 50% apparently) because we didn’t have the freeze/thaw we normally get. We just had the freeze. I have to shake my head at the headline news at the moment in Pittsburgh. Three people were fighting on one of the downtown streets in the middle of the rush hour this afternoon, when 2 of them drew guns and shot each other. And just at that moment, a sheriff’s deputy just happened to drive by and arrested all three. One report said that one offender ‘was taken away squirming on the gurney’. I had to smile. And I just wonder if the new background checks that every potential gun buyer will have to undergo, would have actually prevented this incident. Probably not. I rather doubt that the offenders had licenses to own a gun, never mind a permit to carry. Progress is being made on the bathroom remodel front. The shower is ready to have the tiles stuck into place, the floor heating is ready and waiting, the new tub is in the garage awaiting its installation too. Anna is in California coaching a clinic this weekend and David has driven to Raleigh NC. Bekah thinks he is going to a baby shower. Really he is going to check out the half Ironman course where we will be competing in June. Oops, this evening’s post is rather long so I will sign off and go and make dinner.     Chow down and enjoy.   Joanna