ImageThis is my photo of the trail construction just to the west of Sandcastle. Not a lot of action today so if you want to get through you still have to go over the ballast stones next to the railway. It is supposed to be completed by June, I think. Fingers crossed. Suffering the after effects of yesterday’s TRX session. Arms not too cooperative today. But they did manage to propel me through my swim and then hold me up on my bike. I went for a bike ride, outside, today. Progress. First time since before Thanksgiving last year and on that last ride, I was knocked off by a kid running into me. Needless to say, I slowed right down to almost a crawl when approaching children, and dogs. It was a little disconcerting today, though, as there were a number of dogs not on leashes on the trails. I don’t care how well behaved an owner thinks his/her dog is, there is always a chance the dog might surprise its owner. I was reading an article in a British newspaper today about how the British government is proposing to help house owners who, if they sell their existing house would not have enough left over, after expenses etc, to put down a deposit on another house. The deal, as proposed, would be that the house buyer would put up 5% of the deposit and the government (read tax payer) would put up the other 15%. The government says it will help promote the housing industry. I rather think that it sounds rather like that which got us into this mess in the first place – subprime mortgages. Tax payers the world over are being exploited. For those of you who have heard the Dr Who TV series music, listen to the music for the new Blackberry 10 phone. I think it sounds very similar to Dr Who. And apparently, if you get one, you might need a sonic screwdriver to make it work (with business systems).   Travellers in time, be safe.     Joanna