Met Paul at the gym this evening and introduced him to this, the TRX workout. Well, that’s not strictly true. I introduced him to the instructor and then she proceeded to make physical wrecks out of both of us. I have to admit, at the time it does feel like cruel and unusual punishment or like something that might have come out of the Play Room (reference “Fifty Shades of Grey”). Paul says that his schedule suddenly got busy next Wednesday but no worries, I’ll just cancel everything for him.

My brother called me today. ImageI think he must be one of the only guys in a wheelchair who could break two bones in his foot. Anyway, he called to say that his foot was released from its plaster cast today. Now he has to go to physical therapy for a few weeks. He is a little ticked off about this because the only time he could schedule his PT appointments was at the same time he gets to go to the gym. He says he’d rather go to the gym. He obviously hasn’t tried the TRX workout. And then the daft pillick put a hex on our weather. He says, “Oh before I go” (for the fifth time), “what’s your weather like at the moment?” I described the day so far – sunny, windy, cold but the snow has gone. At that precise moment, I just happened glance out of the window and bugger me, it was snowing. He found that hilarious.

Image The number of miles I ran today. Am feeling really good. My muscles are beginning to stretch back out to where they were before my extended period of non-activity. Soooo happy. Now all I need is some warmer weather so that I can get my bike out on to the road. David is running and/or biking during his lunchtimes plus doing an additional workout either before he goes to work or after he gets home. He really wants to break the 6 hr mark for the half ironman this time. I just want to finish. And lastly, 13.5WOD has been announced. Anna is going to tackle it on Friday morning I think. It is even more of a doozey than the others. ( Scroll down to the Week 5 tab; it will explain all.  Hopefully I’ll be able to relax my tortured muscles enough to get some sleep tonight.  Snore on!    Joanna