ImageHaven’t really had time to read the news today but this one just jumped off the page and hit me in the face. $100 million to explore how thoughts are formed? Better give you think link in case you want to read the article:  All sounds a little like 1984’ish but hi-tech. Or that movie, “The Adjustment Bureau”. And I am sure there are plenty more books and movies out there on a similar vain. I can understand wanting to understand why the brain does what it does in the case of dementia etc, but ….. you gotta wonder. Ran 6 miles today. Things hurt but not too badly. Had a good swim today too. Managed to do some speed work. Well, a little. Don’t want to overdo things too much.  Went to our last Advanced Piloting class today and were given our exam papers. It is a take-home exam so will get cracking with it tomorrow. If it is anything like the Piloting exam, it will take nigh-on 6-7 hours to complete. Am so tired right now, I can’t think of what else I did today so I will sign off and go to bed. Did finish reading Fifty Shades of Grey two nights ago. Not going to buy the rest of the series. May Spring spring into your life tomorrow.   Boing.    Joanna  Image