ImageFirstly, Happy Easter to everyone. Hope you didn’t eat too much chocolate. I didn’t eat any. However, I did eat a Barnes & Noble oatmeal/raisin cookie which was almost as good as what a bar of rich dark chocolate would have been. And it probably contained as many, if not more, calories. Oh well. My day went: got up, breakfast, outdoor run in the rain, home, got boat ready, made two flasks of tea, packed them with nuts and bananas in a bag, boat to launch ramp, launched, cruised on river, ran aground and chewed up the prop but fortunately it didn’t fall off, recovered boat, put it back in the garage, removed prop, drank more tea, thawed out and dried off. Oh yes, the forecast was for 0% chance of precipitation from 1pm to 4pm. Not! It stopped raining for about 30 minutes, just long enough to entice Paul out to launch the boat and then it started again. But it was good to be out on the water. And there wasn’t another small boat out, so we had the whole three rivers to ourselves; except for two barges and one of the cruise boats. We went exploring. Image
ImageBut that wasn’t where we ran aground. On the way back to the launch/recovery ramp, we decided to go around the back of Herrs Island, passed 3 Rivers Rowing to have a look at the new 31st Street bridge. It is coming along, almost joined up with what is left of the old bridge. It did look as though the new structure was too low so they are having to jack it up. ImageOne last look back down the cut before we passed out from behind the island.Image

We were just cruising slowly up the north shore making our way back to the main chanel when ….. rattle of stones/muddy water/bumpbumpbump on the bottom. Oops. Had stopped watching the depth sounder because we thought we were out from the shallow bit. As I said, fortunately the prop stayed put and we were able to get back to the ramp safely.

Hope your batteries are all recharged and ready for a new month. Can you believe we are three months through this year already? (Rhetorical question.) And I am still managing to keep up with my 2013 resolution challenge. I feel quite pleased with myself. I hope you are all managing to keep to your resolutions too. Though by now they should have become a habit and so a permanent way of life.      Joanna