ImageFlat Stanley has nothing on north west Ohio. Travelling east on OH turnpike this morning; blue skies from horizon to horizon. Had a good day working on the boat. Got an extra hour too so was able to finish polishing the outside. Paul has started on the inside and it is looking good. Don’t normally watch basketball but have the Wichita vs Ohio game on in the background and Ohio is getting crushed. Apparently new tests on the Turin Shroud have dated it in the period between 300BC to 400AD which now means that it could have come from the time of Christ. Rather appropriate seeing as it is Easter tomorrow. The Pope hasn’t  yet acknowledged it as a relic but only as an icon.

ImageHad to included this picture of Princess Kate. She is hunkered down in the snow in the Lake District with a group of Cubs and Beavers around a campfire making ‘bread twists’. When I was a kid, camping with my family and when Anna and David were little and we had camp fires, we used to make these twists. It was a flour/water dough, rolled into a ‘sausage’ then wrapped around a green twig and toasted over the fire. When it was cooked, i.e. just before it turned black and burned, we would twist it off the stick, fill it with strawberry jam and eat. Sounds quite disgusting but when you had spent all day and evening out in the open air, it tasted just fine. Apparently Kate did try some and declared that it ‘didn’t taste too bad’.  Happy Easter for tomorrow.  Hippity Hoppity.     Joanna