ImageIt has been a Good Friday today. Got lots of work done on the boat, almost to the point of being finished. Well, as finished as you can ever be with a boat. A little more polishing to do; should finish that tomorrow and then tie on the dock lines ready for launch. Staying overnight in Perrysburg OH for a double shift of boat work. Went to dine at Cracker Barrel (I know, not the best of places, but their salads aren’t too bad if you ask for the dressing on the side). It was heaving but we didn’t have to wait too long for a table. I have to admit, it is quite a good place to people watch. One sight that did inspire just a little hope in me was a family table with two boys, aged around 10-12 and a little girl, probably aged around 4. These days, I would normally expect to see the boys with their noses buried in electronic games. But not these children. They actually had books, yes, books to read and colouring sheets (the crayons supplied by the restaurant). Bought a Paleo cookbook today too. It has really good pictures and well laid-out recipes so even I should be able to follow them. Have to admit, I finished off the day with a cookie. Or two. First one since, I can’t remember when.

ImageOh yes I do. It was about 5 weeks ago, when I hurt my hip and couldn’t walk. I needed some serious comfort food. What’s my excuse today? Hmm. They were there at the reception desk of the hotel and had my name written on them.   Happy chomping.     Joanna