Image Only in Walmart, well the Walmart parking lot. Charges were brought against a guy today because back in November he shot and killed a 10-point buck in a local Walmart parking lot. The idiot broke the law, not only by firing a gun in a parking lot in the middle of the day, but also he didn’t have a hunting license nor did he have a license to carry a gun. The Steelers have let go several more players today. At this rate, there won’t be a Steelers’ team. The Pirates are starting off how they mean to go on. Spring training and the Pineapple League – not sure if they have won a game yet. Penguins are doing well though. Today was a reasonable day for me. It started off snowing/raining but that was OK because I wasn’t planning on biking or running outdoors anyway. Managed 4.25 miles running today and things feel quite good. Plenty of stretching. The bathroom has a ceiling again and new ceiling lights. The 13.4 WOD should be announced any time now. But I can’t wait. I am really tired so am going to bed. Stay warm.   Joanna