I know the picture has nothing to do with ‘messy’ but I really didn’t want to post yet another picture of snow. Yes, the weather forecasters were right, we did get snow; probably getting on for 6 inches but fortunately it has been melting at the same time it has been falling. This afternoon, as I left P/T at the bottom of the hill, it was actually raining. However by the time I reached home, at the top of the hill, it had transitioned to snow. The weather people did get some of the forecast wrong though. They said “the snow will be tapering off during late morning and into the afternoon”. Ah no. It has snowed all day. However, the ski resorts are happy. Back to the picture. I was searching for a ‘non-aggressive, non-threatening’ picture to motivate reluctant exercisers to get up and move. Didn’t find one, but did find this. So I decided to post it in anticipation of when I can get my bike out. Which I keep telling myself, will be very soon. The temperature just needs to rise 20degrees so it is above 50F and I might be tempted. Did manage an hour of low resistance pedalling this morning on my bike trainer so progress is being made. The builders have installed the framework for our new shower. Looks good. Am keeping my distance from Paul at the moment. He is full of cold. Hope I don’t get it. Anna posted her result from WOD 13.3 last night. There were a lot of other ladies who achieved the same result as her. I am in awe of what she is doing. David took last week off, after his mega achievement in the marathon. He is winding up to start his triathlon training now in preparation for the half ironman he and I are going to do at the beginning of June. I would imagine his goal for that one is to break 6 hours. I know he can do it. T-Mobile is doing away with its two year contracts. I wonder if the other companies will follow suit? Cheaper calling?    Joanna