The boat list is short enough for us to spend the weekend skiing. And it was beautiful again today. Blue skies, temps hovering around freezing, minimal wind, even fewer people. We left around 3pm by which time the lifts are usually heaving with people but not today. Took my life in my hands and tried a couple of slopes I hadn’t tried before. Fell once, nearly fell numerous times, I am just very grateful for my helmet.  🙂

ImageThat’s our shadow as we were going up. Obviously! Not as we were going down. Image

And this one just about sums it all up. Will try again tomorrow. Probably the last time this year.  I have a question, not to do with skiing. There is a survey company which keeps calling me. I have registered my phone number with the DoNotCall list, but that doesn’t cover survey companies. Apart from being extremely rude to them, does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I can do to stop them calling? Have just read a report on the ‘passing by the Senate of a symbolic budget’. It included $1trillion’s worth of tax increases and not much in the way of spending reduction. I got to the end of the report where it said that the deficit for this year is projected to be around $900 billion. It just amazes me to the point of despair; how do these people sleep at night? Enjoy Sunday. The storm is forecasted to hit here Sunday night/Monday morning so am going to make the most of my Sunday.   Joanna