And also if you get it right, you can extend your ‘young’ right in to your old age. I’m working on it. Funny sort of day; turned off the alarm and when I next looked it was 6:45am. Oops. And I don’t know about you, but If I get up late, I never seem to catch up with myself. However, I did manage to leave for the gym around 9:15, after I had called the builders to find out if the guys were coming. (Apparently they had a meeting this morning at their base before going out on their jobs.) I needed to know in case they were going to turn off the water all day again. I wanted to draw some water off so that I would at least have enough to make tea when I got home. As it turned out, they didn’t turn it off. They got the floor back down and most of the plumbing roughed out. And by the time they left, and we got home, they had put in our bedroom, ready for Monday, the new shower pan, various light fittings and all sorts of cement etc. So progress is being made. Paul has been away all week. Got home at lunchtime and decided it would be a good idea to go skiing. And it was. The slopes were deserted, there was a good covering of powder on top of the ice, it wasn’t too cold and the sun was out. It was beautiful. Image

We called in for tea/hot chocolate and then set off again. I had an epiphany on my technique today and am now skiing down the hills, rather than sliding crabwise down. Of course, just in time for the end of the season. Forecast is good for tomorrow so we are going again. Paul has a list of the jobs left to do on the boat and reckons that we will have enough time to get it all done before launch if we don’t go to the boat tomorrow. ImageThis was just as we were leaving.

Oh, and Anna completed her 13.3 WOD this evening. Don’t yet how she did but it is a guarantee that she did her best and put it all out there. And the sh.t is hitting the fan in Pittsburgh. The ex police chief of Pittsburgh has been indicted for corruption and is going to plead guilty. The chairman of the PA turnpike commission has resigned and Mayor Luke Ravenstall has gone very quiet. Is he next? Is it a wonder we are in the state we are when we can’t even trust the people we are supposed to trust. We vote them into office because they tell us we can trust them! Bugger. On a positive note for Pittsburgh, the marathon has completely sold out. That is the marathon, half marathon and marathon relay. Pittsburgh is now the steel running city. Hope Friday went well; a good start to the weekend. May it continue.    Joanna