ImageLast year the temperature was somewhere in the 50’sF. Today it barely made it to the upper 30’sF. Add in the windchill and it never got above freezing. This morning on the Today Show, it said that floral prints were in. Don’t think they meant anything like this. It’s like a ‘worst nightmare’. This is what was on the wall behind the mirror. And the mirror came off it one piece so we are OK with the 7 years bad luck thing. Giant Eagle has announced that it is going to cut prices on many of their general grocery products and are intent on maintaining the high quality of fresh produce, fresh meat and fish. Two things wrong with this (from my perspective). They are cutting prices on the wrong sort of items, for me. And by saying they are maintaining the high quality of fresh food, does that mean these items will be going up in price? From a health point of view, shouldn’t they reduce the price on the fresh food to encourage and make it more affordable for people to eat more healthfully? Was hoping to get to bed before 9:30pm tonight but (happily) I had to put out an announcement for Anna/Team Maclaren with regards to Carmeuse who are continuing their sponsorship of Anna/Team Maclaren as she campaigns towards the Olympics in Rio, 2016. Happy Spring. Boing!    Joanna