ImageI wasn’t at home when the workmen turned up today. They were still banging and crashing when I got home though. The shower unit has gone, as has the vanity unit and toilet. The mirror is about to come off the wall too. If you look carefully, you will see some putty spreaders wedged in behind the mirror. Obviously it is stuck quite well to the wall. I hope it doesn’t decide to come unstuck during the night. It will go with one heck of a bang and make a mega mess if it does. The plumber is supposed to be coming tomorrow. You can’t see it in these photos, but where the shower was is a hole in the ceiling, which we ‘sealed off’ with plastic sheeting. Apparently, as the 35+mph gusts came through the sheeting was sucked upwards into the attic and then would drop back down again as the air pressure levelled off. Yesterday it was my phone, today it was my iPod shuffle. It finally died a death. It had been acting up since the beginning of the year but today, I just couldn’t get it to charge. Thanks, Paul, for my replacement. Sleep well.   Joana