ImageToday was supposed to be the start of our new bathroom. However, apparently the foreman who was supposed to be coming took sick so a different one was assigned but he had another job to finish up first which meant for a late start at my house. Not sure that anything was done except a lot of looking. They are supposed to be here around 7:15am tomorrow so hopefully there will be some progress to report by the end of day tomorrow. The rest of the day was quite successful. Ended up getting a new phone. The Apple store ran out of ideas on what might be wrong with it. Let’s see how long this one lasts! Went for a swim, 3000yd. Sold one of Paul’s bikes. Went to PT. When I left I actually felt more sore than when I went in but my back was moving; it normally doesn’t. Challenge now is to keep it moving. Did some stretching and arms’ strengthening. The weather was really mixed up and horrible today. It was cold and windy and went from snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain and then through them all again. And despite the fact that David can hardly walk today, after yesterday’s effort, he has signed up for a November half marathon I might join him.