Image  It’s the weekend. Go figure. It’s going to rain/sleet/snow tomorrow and probably again on Sunday. And it’s going to be chilly. What does tomorrow have in store for us – long drive; more polishing; long drive; tired. But hopefully we will get most of the way around the boat. Starting to empty the house of boat stuff in preparation for launch. Had to go back to the Apple Store today. My phone’s battery wouldn’t hold a charge for even 24 hours. The tech wiped everything off this time and set it up as a new phone. Hopefully this will work. It was fully charged at 1:06pm today; I wonder when it will go flat. Not one but three of Carnival’s cruise ships this week have now had to ship their passengers home because of problems. I think that the equipment is having help to fail. Sabotage? The British Underground have uncovered a ‘Black Death’ burial site with 13 skeletons arranged in two neat rows. There may be more bodies; excavation continues. I just hope that the Plague bacteria is dead after all this time (14th century). And finally, in certain circumstances, paper will always trump digital: http://www.flixxy.com/the-paperless-future-emma.htm?utm_source=nl#.UT15dU3n_%0Ab0