69869_10151423062848224_2089050774_nHave to give credit to Mythbusters for this picture. I pulled it off Facebook and cropped it. Hope they don’t mind. Took me a few moments of thought to figure out why it was pi/pie day this morning. I hope everyone managed to enjoy pi/pie of some sort today. I made pot pie for dinner. It was quite yummy. I put mahi mahi in mine this time. Preferred it to the salmon I used last time. I also put in a couple of prunes too. Sounds odd but tasted wonderful. Have been really tired today. Took a great deal of energy just to do anything. Managed a 10 minute walk today and a short swim. Also had a ‘spring clean’ of the cupboard in our second bathroom to make room for the stuff from our bathroom, out of which we have to move in anticipation of the reconstruction beginning next week. I am so excited. Pope Francis seems to setting his own way of doing things. It will be interesting to see if he can keep going. Basically he is defying years of lavish tradition. Good for him. Another Carnival cruise ship has broken down. Fortunately for the passengers and crew, they were close to land and are now being flown home from the ship. Detroit city is so much in debt and in such a bad way that an emergency manager has been appointed to hopefully sort out things. Tomorrow is Friday. One more day to the weekend. Best wishes to my children (who are no longer children) – Anna will be competing in WOD 2 of CrossFit regional qualifiers and David will be competing in the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. I wish I was there to be cheering them on. Be safe.      Joanna