Had an interesting day today. Started early, as usual, with tidying up, sorting out, getting rid of paperwork and stuff. Did some strength and stretching and then went swimming. Managed just over 2 miles today. Then I went to the Apple store to see if they could fix my phone. A couple of weeks ago the battery stopped holding a charge as it had been doing. Apparently the battery is fine, so the tech wiped the phone clean and then started it up again. So now the next couple of days will tell. While this was going on, I nipped out to Williams & Sonoma for something and while the sales assistant was attending to me, her head whipped around towards the door. There was a guy walking, should say, hurrying out of the store, hunched over carrying a couple of small boxes. The sales assistant shouted at the guy and she ran across the store after him. He legged it down the road; she came back and called the police. Last off, I met Paul and then we went to a bathroom fitting showroom to finalize our choices for bathroom faucets etc. Our building site of a bathroom is due to begin its transformation back into a bathroom on Monday. Yay! The cardinals voted a new Pope – Pope Francis I – on the 5th ballot. So much haste – must be nearly a record. And who saw the story about the golfer who fell into the sink hole while out on the golf course? Fortunately he survived and wasn’t badly hurt. Talk about the world opening up and swallowing you up. But it also seems to be happening on a much more frequent basis. It’s as though the world is dissolving from the inside out and leaving a fragile crust on which we are existing. Happy thought. Almost out of battery power on my computer now so will sign off. And I am so tired; got to get horizontal.     Sleep well.   Joanna