ImageThis is what the gear inside the garage door opener looks like when it is worn out. Oh and a pile of plastic dust on the garage floor. However, we no longer have to lift the door to open it. Went swimming this morning. I am working on my stroke and building muscle (haha). I have a pair of webbed gloves so I swim a few laps using only one arm. Sure gives a whole new perspective and appreciation for the disabled swimmers. I’m not very good at it. In the book I have just finished reading, there was a guy with one arm who tried to do 5 ironman distance triathlons in 5 days on the 5 islands of Hawaii. I have trouble swimming in a pool one handed; he was swimming in the ocean with waves, wind and currents. Unbelievable. Went to week 7 of our Advanced Piloting class with the PowerBoat Squadron. Worked on tides. How the tides are calculated on this course is quite different to how I originally learned. I learned the “twelfth” rule; on this course they teach percentages. Not quite the same. There have been news’ reports today about identify theft of well-known people including Michelle Obama and the head of the FBI. I rather see double standards here – there are thousands of ‘ordinary’ citizens who have their identity stolen every year but it seems as though nothing is done. A few high profile people get targeted and boom, all the stops are pulled out. Finally, stand-up paddle boarders  beware. Check out this short video. Couple of SUP’s on the River Severn in the UK caught the attention of a seal which tried to hitch a ride.