It feels as though it has been months since I last ran even though it has only been a few weeks. I asked the Physical Therapist if I may run even just a tiny distance. With no time given to thought, she was most emphatic with her “No!” So I broached the subject of a cortisone injection. She said that it would help relieve the pain but then I would push it too much and before the root cause of my problem was found and corrected, I would do even more damage. Who me?!!! I am beginning to get a little anxious as my half ironman is 12 weeks away. Still I must stay positive. At least I am able to swim, sort of. I spent a considerable amount of time in my car today: to the gym and home; to Jo-Ann’s fabrics and home; to the upholstery shop and home; to the bank and home; to the PT and home. I am such a ditz; drove all the way to Jo-Ann’s fabrics only to find out that although they sell curtain material, they don’t have a curtain-making service. And I forgot my wallet. I had left it in my backpack after the gym. Had to go home for it before continuing with my errands. My quest for new boat curtains has begun again. Apparently the material we had chosen wouldn’t stand up to the ‘wear and tear’ of the sun and would be bleached of color after 4-5 years. So we are going to try to find an ‘outside’ material that we like. The conclave convenes tomorrow for the selection of the new Pope. The ban on the 16floz+ size of fizzy pop in NYC has been banned by a judge. And the DOW hit another high today. Another warm day; tomorrow is forecasted to be windy and chilly. Smile, you’ll feel better.     Joanna