Image“Pittsburgh is the best place to live in the US”, at least is was in February 2011. This report was forwarded to me today. It appeared in a UK online newspaper today but the report is dated Feb 2011 (  I wonder how the city would fare today. I got my car back today; I am a happy lady. The swimming pool in which I train has a new heater. For the last two weeks the water hasn’t been heated so has been getting colder and colder. It got to the point that it felt like getting into open water for swimming. Good training for my half ironman I suppose. David has one more week until his marathon. Good luck David. Anna just finished the first open WOD for qualification to the regional finals for the CrossFit Games. Nice job Anna. We are going to the boat again tomorrow; more polishing. And the lift on our garage door finally broke this evening. Fortunately the door has manual locks to secure it. Snow is almost gone. Supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Not sure skiing is an option on Sunday. We’ll see. Have a great weekend.      Joanna     (Thanks for reading.) I like my photo from  yesterday’s walk so I thought I would share it again.  Highland Park Reservoir