There are thousands of sharks gathering off Florida’s Atlantic coastline. Spring break is around the corner so students will be gathering. Cardinals are conclaving (well, almost) in Rome. College basketball teams are gathering for March Madness. Facebook is getting an overhaul. There is supposed to be less clutter. But … the adverts are gathering and are going to be much bigger so more noticeable. Oh good.

ImageBacon and processed meats are the latest major killer,–sausage-and-hot-dogs–too-bad–cause-that-stuff-l-kill-you–new-study-finds–174609721.html  Chickens have nuggets; buffalos have wings; fish have fingers but did you know that dates have balls?ImageThey do look rather like yesterday’s meatballs but definitely don’t taste like them. These are dates, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla essence, rolled in almond meal. They are so good. On that note, I will bid you good night.      Joanna