ImageThe weather forecasters got it more or less right, though they had forecasted rain then snow. We just got snow. And what a lot. During the night it was very windy and the snow came down very heavily. By 10am it had stopped. Then the sun came out and it started melting. Have a couple more pics to share though I am sure you have your own if you got the snow too. Image

This next one was taken at 5:45am this morning. The white streaks are not my hands shaking but the snow flakes. Thought it was rather cool (haha, no pun intended).


It was quite un-nerving as I drove to the gym this morning. Because the snow was melting so quickly, big ‘gobbits’ would fall of the trees and power lines and plop very loudly on to the roof of the car. Forgot to mention that yesterday while I was out for my walk, I conducted a very unscientific car make survey. I was actually trying to see if I could name the different manufacturers’ decals that are on the front of cars. My survey found that Honda seemed to be the most popular make where I was walking, followed by Mercedes. Got to go. It’s late and I still have to put together Paul’s lunch for tomorrow. Made a rather delightful dinner this evening, Marrakech meatballs with zucchini noodles (all paleo style). And I just happened to take a picture too so I will share.  Hope you don’t mind. Image

Hope you didn’t lose power. And if you did, hope it comes back on very soon. We had a momentary blip this morning around 8:45am but that was all. Thanks goodness.   Joanna