Image This is what I am driving at the moment. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that someone had bumped my car. Well today, I took it into the body shop and got this rental. I apologise to anyone who has one of these and probably if you have one from new that hasn’t been driven by multiple drivers who, because it isn’t their car, don’t respect it quite as much as they would their own, it would be fine. But …  My previous experiences of rental cars, which isn’t extensive I have to admit, has more than likely given me an almost new car, with perhaps 3,000 miles on the clock. This one has almost 22,000. The inspection was quite amusing. Whereas in the past I have needed an eagle-eye to find stone-chips etc, this one, it was a case of, “the big black streak across the back, this scratch here, another one here, you got this one …..?” And then I sat inside. Well, it’s clean. And it smells OK (think Fabreeze). But! The best way to describe how it feels is to compare a, say, Marriott suite to a budget Motel room. I looked in the back and there is a huge stain down the upright bit of the seat and on the cushion. It looks as though someone threw up and didn’t clean it off quickly enough. Oh well, at least I have a car. And hopefully I will get mine back soon. Drive safely. Watch out for the next storm system which is supposed to hit our area tomorrow evening.  Joanna