Imageend of the day. We arrived back from the boat at 6pm and this proves it – daylight time is increasing. Still no green signs of spring but they will appear too. Saw a couple of geese flying north west so I guess they are feeling that a change of season is due. Apparently the Iditarod Sled race began today. All 998 frozen miles of it. Good luck to the drivers and their dogs. I can’t say it is a challenge that I would like to attempt. I do think it is a little ironic that John Kerry is in Egypt telling the politicians that the parties there need to set aside their differences and get together to solve the country’s economic problems. Maybe he needs to come back here and preach the same sermon. And a final thought re yesterday’s budget cuts. As we get towards the end of March and there is no agreement about the budget, will the government be allowed to shut down? I think we, the people, should demand that Congress and the President be shut in a big room, given bread and water, denied all access to the outside world and only be allowed out once they have come to an agreement – a political conclave. Halfway through the weekend.    Stay warm.    Joanna