ImageYesterday I finally gave in to my chocolate craving and made some fudge. Not a lot, a quarter of what’s shown in this picture. And it is all gone. Not sure I have totally satisfied the craving; will give it a couple of days before deciding whether or not to make some more. But this craving got me thinking. I know, a scary event, but the world didn’t come to an end because of it. I don’t often have Cravings (with a capital C) but this time it was one of those. And I think I have figured out why. I am fighting severe inflammation in some muscles at the moment and which totally laid me out last week. It suddenly dawned on me that chocolate or at least the cocoa, is a very effective anti-inflammatory. QED, I guess. It’s funny (well no it’s not, it’s quite sad really) that I usually, eventually, listen to my body when it comes to food requirements (my cravings) but I don’t when it comes to my aches and pains (my body’s way of saying ‘ease up’) and I usually regret it. Like now. However, I suppose I could just keep eating chocolate!  Happy chomping.      Joanna