ImageWent to the shooting range today. Haven’t been for over a year so we decided to dust off the guns and show them the light of day. It was quite crowded and very cold but had fun and still got quite good grouping except that I had to put on my long-distance glasses to actually see where my shots had landed. Didn’t need them to see the target, just to see exactly where I had hit it. Also managed to go for a walk this afternoon. Had gone about 4/10 of a mile before my leg started hurting. Had another 2/10 to walk back to the car. Still it’s more than I could do last week when I couldn’t even walk around the grocery store. Any progress, no matter how small, is always good.  I took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures, hence this Well Trodden Path. Have run this one quite a few times.IMG_0568

This was quite pretty too.


It’s the Oscars this evening. Not going to watch; will find out tomorrow. Actually am watching the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, and last year’s CrossFit Games. Those women are amazing. Hope you are feeling totally recharged and ready to face another week. Don’t forget to smile; you will feel better.   Joanna