Didn’t get to the boat today for one reason or the other. Instead I spent the day working on a trademark design for Anna. Paul and I visited a bathroom showroom to get some ideas. Failed miserably. Still living with a construction site. Rather like the idea of a Japanese soaking tub. Might have to get a new water heater to fill it if we go down that road though. David (my son) ran 21.5 miles for his marathon training today. His last long run for this upcoming race. He said that it rained the whole way round and stopped just as he did. Hope he didn’t get too cold. And Bekah (daughter in law) was supposed to be filming a new video for her “In Between” single. Hope she managed in between the raindrops. Listened to a rant by Senator Paul Rand this morning about how many of the politicians vote on bills even though they haven’t read them. It got me wondering, how many of us click ‘Like’ on Facebook even though we haven’t read the comment/piece attached to the post. Guilty (some of the time). Good luck to everyone who is racing in the Disney Princess Half Marathon tomorrow. I will be there in spirit.  Run smart.    Joanna