Image Had to start with this one. Yes, it is already on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but Anna is my daughter and I am very proud of her. (There is more to this post if you wish to read on.) Anna Tunnicliffe had a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago with Andrea Mead Cross. This is one of her photos. To see the other photos, click the link and then click on Featured Athlete — Anna Tunnicliffe. (Anna is an Olympic gold medalist/two-time Olympian.)

ImageMy first cup of tea of the day presented me with this question. Given my recent rants re Wall Street, the apparent corruption in Pittsburgh etc I thought it was rather apt.

And I remembered to take with me and use my produce bags today.


The weather today has gone from freezing rain first thing to all rain and now we have fog. The snow is slowly melting. And with the Oscars this weekend, there is now discussion as to how factual historical movies should be. Okay, maybe I am missing something, but don’t they usually state that they are based on a true story. This indicates that it is a movie with some factual basis. It is not a documentary which, by its nature, you would expect to be factually correct. The idea of a movie is to entertain, not educate. Or maybe I am deluding myself. A couple of bits of good news to restore my faith in the human race. A shoe shiner in Pittsburgh has donated all his tips to the Children’s Hospital to go towards free care for the children. It amounts to something like $200,000. And a lady bequeathed $27m to Alzheimer Association. My first thought was, did she realize? But then I read the report and she knew exactly what she was doing. There are some amazingly generous people in the world. Had another comment but I wanted to finish on a positive. Do something nice for someone, even if it is only to give them a smile and a nod.   Joanna