I know I have already posted these on Facebook but aren’t these wonderful? They are front and back shots of a cushion/pillow sent, via me, to my daughter. It is hand-sewn and hand-painted. I have put in my order just in case the young lady who made this one wants to make another. It snowed almost all day again. Big storm moving through the country. Expecting snow/freezing rain/rain tomorrow. Oh yum. Still not able to do too much so have been working on my Advanced Piloting course/homework. Seems like there was some insider trading of shares going on before the Heinz company purchase was announced – a Swiss branch of Goldman Sachs. It just beggars belief. And if you are walking and texting or speaking on your phone, make sure you remain aware of your surroundings. Apparently thieves are catching phone users, especially iPhone users, unawares and stealing the phones right out of the owner’s hands. Stay warm. Hang on tight.    Joanna