ImageWent to see “A Good Day To Die Hard”, the new Bruce Willis film. It was a typical Bruce Willis/Die Hard – very loud, lots of shooting, explosions, not much dialogue and what there was, tended to be one-liners. And he jumped out of at least two buildings and survived. I wish I was as tough as him. It took me all my time to walk from my car to the cinema and back today. It has been very cold and windy and quite snowy today. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little better. The Pittsburgh police chief was fired today for corruption. Well I think that’s the reason. The FBI was in a few days ago confiscating papers and found two unaccounted for bank accounts. What happened to being honest. Pittsburgh also got a letter today (it was one of 35 cities around the country) from the US Olympic Committee wondering if the city would like to submit a bid to host the 2024 Olympic games. Wow. Nice idea, but ….  There is no where to sail in Pittsburgh. Would the sailing be held on the Lakes Erie or Ontario? Or would the sailor athletes be on the east coast? Interesting. Oh, the picture is potentially new curtain material for the boat. Take care of yourself. There is only one of you.    Joanna