ImageMy Christmas cactus flowered albeit 2 months late but who’s counting. I am not very green thumbed to which the one flower is testament. I find that my plants usually do better if I ignore them. Again, I have another plant (not sure what it is) that is approximately 17 years old and it struggles through all that I throw at it. Except for now. I think I have finally killed it …. with kindness. Well, overwatering. It has two new shoots/leaves all rolled up. I am waiting to see if they unroll and open up in all their glory, or just shrivel up and go brown. I would be interested to know what the equivalent in plant-years is 17 human-years. Anyone care to hazard a guessimate? Blew the fuse in the basement, twice, this morning when I turned on (tried to turn on) the treadmill. Oops. Not sure what caused it. Either the fact that I have a space heater on in our front bathroom or the fact that Paul had plugged in 5 power tools in the basement. None of which were on but maybe there was just enough trickle-charge into each of them that it overloaded the system. Anyway, I unplugged everything and got my run done. I am listening to a book “The Big Short” about the build-up to and crash of the financial markets with the housing boom in the late 2000’s. It is unbelievable what Wall Street, the traders, banks etc got away with (bad grammar, I know, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it grammatically correct and make sense). If what they did was carried out in industry, the industry would be dead and gone and the people who carried it out would be in jail for fraud. Hope for the next generation: Eugene OR, siblings returned to its rightful owner, $13,000 they found on the street and good things have come of it. Way to go. Hope you have some feel good factor.     Joanna